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The summer’s ultimate guide to grilling burgers

The summer’s ultimate guide to grilling burgers

Some call it a cookout, some call it a barbecue. Whichever your naming convention is, one thing holds true. It’s not summer if you’re not grilling. This summer tradition can make or break the whole season so we at Bring that here want to start you off on the right foot.

Choosing the burger

While you’re shopping the meat department or perusing the butcher shop, you’ll notice most ground beef has a lean mass to fat ratio. When it comes to grilling, we prefer a fattier cut. It keeps the burger moist and juicy through cooking and adds the magnificent flavor that makes a great burger a great burger. Look for a ratio somewhere close to 80/20.

Prepping the meat

This is to the individual cook’s taste. You could go with the classic salt and pepper. Or maybe fancy it up a bit with some dry seasonings. The possibilities are endless. Personally, we like to with something with a little more of a kick. Mix in your seasoning at the ratio of one tablespoon per lb of meat. Roll the meat into balls and gently flatten them. DO NOT PRESS DOWN. Be gentle. You don’t want to thin out the burger patties too much or the will dry out in cooking.

Grilling the burger

Place the patties onto your preheated, well-oiled grill over direct heat and let cook for 3 minutes on each side. Then remove the burgers from the direct heat and cook on two minutes on each side over indirect heat. 

Serving the burger

Serve the burger to your cookout(or barbecue) guests on a toasted bun. an untoasted bun may fall apart once the burgers wonderful juicyness hits it. some grilling contests even disqualify contestants if the burger is served on an untoasted bun.