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NCAA National Championship of Food

NCAA National Championship of Food

It’s been a long road but the NCAA championship contenders have been decided. The Gonazaga Bulldogs will take on the North Carolina Tarheels. The basketball game will be fun to watch and all but we are more interested in how the iconic local foods of the where the universities are located square up against each other. Welcome to the big dance folks.

Fish and Chips representing Gonzaga University – Spokane, WA

Fish and Chips comes into the game being one of the most popular local cuisines to Washington State. It’s greasy goodness is sure to satisfy all your game time cravings.

Fried Green Tomatoes representing North Carolina University – Chapel Hill, NC

Fried Green Tomatoes are always an underdog but always a favorite in North Carolina. They come into every matchup underestimated but they change minds once you’ve given them your fair shot.

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