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Five tips for Instagramming your food

Five tips for Instagramming your food

We’ve all done it. Sat down to a meal so beautiful we thought it out to be shared with the world. Whether we made it ourselves ,are out a restaurant or had it delivered, sometimes you just have to show off how much better your dinner is than your friend’s. Don’t worry though, it will never compare to‘s Instagram skills 😉

Natural lighting is best

Move your food next to a window. Or make sure you are seated next to a window in the restaurant. When you need your Instagram to look perfectly authentic, avoid overhead or studio lights. Protip: When working with natural light, make sure to avoid blocking the light source. it will cause a shadow

Consistency is key

Pay attention to things like spacing and stay consistent with things likes plating and napkin placement or any props you are using.

Plate it nicely

Avoid plastic containers or delivery boxes. Use an unpatterened plate or serving board and make sure the food is balanced on the plate!

Play with textures

If you are shooting at home on a flat shiny surface, trying placing your food on a wood serving board. This creates levels to the eye and makes the shot look dynamic.

Colorful is always better

There’s not such ting with too much color when you are on your #instafood game!