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What is that dust on an English Muffin?

What is that dust on an English Muffin?

We at Bring that here like to answer the questions that burn on the brains of the most foodied of foodies. Like what is that dust on the bottom of an English Muffin. We have answers!

The answer is Farina or, in some cases, corn meal.

Farina is a fine milled wheat flour often used in breakfast cereals and also the thing that gives English Muffins their unique taste and texture. It’s also what Cream of Wheat is made from. This is what most major commercial brands use when producing English Muffins (looking at you, Thomas).

Corn flour or corn meal are more often used in homemade English Muffin recipes. Corn flour and corn meal vary only in texture and are purely up to the cook’s taste.