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The best beer and food pairings

The best beer and food pairings

Today is National Beer Day! To help you celebrate Bring That Here is bringing you the best beer and food pairings so you can get your eat and drink on the right way! Let’s get to celebrating one of the best holidays in America’s national history.

American Amber Lager and Creamy Risotto

risotto and beer

Grains go great with the hops in an American Lager while staying light on the palate.

Belgian Saison and Shellfish

shellfish and saison

A Belgian Saison brings out the salinity of shellfish while cleansing the palate. Please note, many people have noted adverse allergic reactions while drinking beer while eating shellfish. If you suspect you might be having an allergic reaction, stop!

Cornish Game Hen and American Pale Ale

cornish game hen and beer

The fat in game birds neutralizes the hoppiness of a pale ale while complimenting the roastiness.

Pork and India Pale Ale

pork and ipa

Both pork fat and IPAs are intense. This par works together with complimentary intensities while not being overpowering. #DreamTeam